Tofu Vegetarian Dumplings Recipe

Do you like Dumplings? Why not try my recipe!


Chinese cabbage:1/4
Green spring onion:100g
Garlic :3 pieces (Grate)
Ginger :2 pieces (Grate)
Soy sausce:TBSP 1
Mirin :TBSP 1
Salt to taste
Dumpling skin:40 seats
Sesame oil :For Bake

1, Cut all vegetable and put salt and cut all water from Chinese cabbage.
2, Mix all ingredients
3, Set them for 30 min in refrigerator
4, Wrap with Dumpling skin ( you can get it in Chinese market!)
5, Grilled until evenly golden brown on the bottom !!
6, Add 1/2 cup of water and cover tightly with a lid and steam for 3 minutes

In Japan, we call it Gyoza! So let me say, Enjoy Veggie Gyoza!!

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