I found “SHISO” in Denmark!!

This herb was previously known as the “beefsteak plant”.

In Japan, It’s called Shiso. Some people called “Chinese basil” too.

It’s really nice with

– Tofu + Shiso + Soy-souse
– Wakame (seaweed) + Shiso + Soy-souse
– Japanese rice + Shiso + Umeboshi
– Even simple salad + finely chopped Shiso + Wasabi + Soy-souse
– Soba + shiso
– Shiso Tempura
– Fried rice + Shiso
– Fried noodles + Shiso

I feel you can replace Dill with Shiso in your recipes for a bit of a twist too ­čÖé

Please try new combination one + Shiso, and let me know what is your favorite one !!

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